How to Eat, Treat, and Prepare Your Caviar for Optimal Peformance

How to Eat, Treat, and Prepare Your Caviar for Optimal Peformance


I like mine from a fish!

The health benefits of caviar are plentiful, it brightens both your skin and your mood, it’s full of antioxidants and of course, it tastes delicious. But how do you eat caviar to bring out the best in this little pot of magic and the best in you?

Best served… daily.

The key is keeping things fresh, healthy and simple. Caviar is best served in the morning, so forget boiled eggs on soldiers; a dollop of caviar with salted butter on sourdough is the perfect start to the day… it’s not a treat but a daily essential. 


Mother of Pearl spoon

It is essential to eat caviar with a natural vessel such as wood and gold - the most common is a mother of pearl spoon, as it does not distract from its natural flavor. Metal would heavily affect the caviar’s delicate taste. Much like drinking tequila, you can also use the crease of your hand - that’s one way of knocking back a shot!

Know the source!

Knowing where your food is from is key to leading a more conscious life. At Imperia Caviar we are completely transparent about our farms and are 100% eco-friendly.

Packed with life giving qualities, caviar truly is the superfood of the sea and eating it within 3 days of opening is the only rule you need to know. Otherwise, this pot is your delicious, low maintenance, highly nutritious daily secret.

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