Caviar Benefits &amp; Libido<br /> Why Caviar Puts You In The Mood For Love

Caviar Benefits &amp; Libido<br /> Why Caviar Puts You In The Mood For Love

“I’d do anything for caviar and probably did.” – Henry Kissinger.

“When I go out, I love steak and caviar.” – Cameron Diaz.

Besides its luxurious taste, bursting with complex flavor, savory caviar is celebrated around the globe for its power to fire up the libido. The reasons are mostly physical, but also psychological.

Caviar is a great source of lean, easily-digested proteins, which deliver the fuel for sustained energy. And you need sustained energy for sexual activity.

For centuries caviar was treasured as an aphrodisiac. First discovered in the 13th century in the Black and Caspian seas, fish roe was believed to promote longevity – not only in the sense of adding years to your life, but of adding life to your years in the bedroom.

An Internet search for “Caviar and sex” returns more than 8 million results, ranking these pearls of the sea with oysters and chocolate among the most renowned foods of love.

Casanova was known to indulge in caviar before a rendezvous with one of his many paramours. In Russia, where caviar first gained popularity, famed writer Dostoevsky was a devotee of the delicacy. Rasputin, the mystic who advised the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, was said to rely on champagne and caviar for sustenance.

Why caviar is good for your body
Caviar is known to promote good blood flow while stimulating the production of sex hormones like testosterone. Nutritionists recommend a diet containing natural fats, not the unhealthy trans fats and polyunsaturated fats in junk food. High-fat foods help produce sex hormones. Caviar also contains the amino acid L-arginine which increases blood flow, and that, in turn, is thought to increase desire.

Because caviar is an egg, it is both rich in nutritional value and a symbol of fertility – the psychological aspect of an aphrodisiac food. Caviar contains vitamins B5 and B6, known to balance hormone levels to promote a healthy sex drive. The vitamin A found naturally in caviar helps with vision, protecting the immune system and sustaining reproduction.

Caviar is also a good source of vitamin B12, riboflavin, and calcium, all of which boost energy levels. The antioxidants in caviar help protect the skin from harmful UV rays while reducing the formation of wrinkles, resulting in a longer more youthful appearance. As a result, caviar is actually more nutritious than chicken eggs. In addition to these health benefits, caviar nourishes the body’s nerve cells, which obviously play a vital role in intimacy.

Nature’s super food is also packed with Omega 3, a fish oil that plays an important role in preventing heart disease. Research findings indicate it even helps lower blood pressure.

Why caviar fires the imagination
Besides the fertility symbol of the egg, the psychological effects of caviar on the libido include the perception that it is an indulgent, luxury food. Although excellent caviar is highly affordable (see for yourself), the belief in the luxuriousness of this delicious food still contributes to its mystique.

Caviar is often accompanied by champagne, which is the very definition of a beverage for celebrating. The sweetness of champagne complements the burst of flavor when biting into caviar, elevating the sensuousness of the experience. You feel good. Happy.

Champagne and caviar celebrate life, and for centuries this perfect pairing has served as a prelude to lovemaking.

So the next time you’re planning a date night, do it healthy. Do it right. Serve caviar by candlelight. Soft piano jazz optional.



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